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Who We Are

Ananias Contente & Filhos, Lda

We are a private company, founded in 1990, dedicated to the sectors of freight transport, load lifting, excavations, demolitions, earthmoving and special transport, based on Terceira Island, Azores.

We stand out as a reference in the provision of transport and machinery rental services, with high levels of speed and quality.

We have a wide range of equipment available for the most diverse challenges faced by our customers.

Ananias Contente e Filhos - Sobre Nós

Why choose AC & Filhos?


Licensed vehicles for transporting large and small goods.



Effective and efficient transport service, from Point A to Point B.


The most professional, experienced and properly qualified human resources.


Technical, human and material capacity to find the best solution to any challenges.


The most specialized and developed equipment on our market.


A extensive set of transportation services and solutions

Ananias Contente & Filhos, Lda has a targeted growth and consolidation strategy, in an increasingly demanding and competitive market, where the quality of service defines our difference and success.

Freight Transport

When there are loads that cannot wait, that requires immediate treatment, count on Ananias Contente & Filhos, Lda to deliver your merchandise with the highest priority.

Special Transportation

Through its extensive fleet and the versatility of its multiple equipment, Ananias Contente & Filhos guarantees the safe transport of any load, regardless of size or weight.

Load Lifts

We have the capacity to lift and move loads using common forklifts, telescopic multipurpose forklifts, self-driving cranes, crane trucks and sideloader trucks, to ensure a safe and efficient service.

Excavations and Demolitions

We have the capacity to excavate soils of any nature, with a rotary track excavator, backhoe loader and mini loader. Equipped with bucket, hammer and ripper.


The land does not always have the necessary characteristics for the construction of your project. In this sense, leveling and preparation work is necessary so that the site is suitable for construction.


Transporte Especial Porto Ananias
Elevações de Carga Ilha Terceira Ananias
Transporte de Máquinas Ananias
Elevações de Carga Especial Ananias
Transporte de Caterpillar Ananias
Transporte de Grua Especial Ananias
Transporte de Caterpillar Ananias Contente
Transporte de Carro Grua Ananias
Elevação de Grua Ananias
Transporte Carro Grua Ananias
Transporte Pesado de Mercadorias Ananias
Transporte de Contentores Ananias
Terraplanagem Ananias
Corte de Árvores Ananias
Transportes Especiais de equipamento do exército - Ananias Contente & Filhos, Lda.
Içar cargas - Ananias Contente na ilha Terceira
Viaturas Ananias
Transporte de Máquinas Gruas Ananias
Transporte de Máquinas Pesadas Ananias
Transporte de Barcos Ananias
Transporte de máquinas de Construção Civil Ananias
Transporte de máquinas geradores Ananias
Transporte de Produtos de Construção Ananias
Transporte de Pesados Camião Ananias
Camião de transporte Ananias
Máquina de Construção Ananias
Camião transporte de máquinas Ananias
Caterpillar Ananias
Transporte Pesado Caterpillar Ananias


We have a team always available and specialized to answer all your questions.

Phone Number

+351 295 642 635
(call to national landline)

Mobile Number

Ananias Contente: +351 962 815 444
(call to national mobile network)
Fábio Contente: +351 963 817 749
(call to national mobile network)
Rodrigo Contente: +351 961 177 290
(call to national mobile network)


Ao Forte, 15, São Mateus 9700-553 Angra do Heroísmo


Parque Industrial de Angra, lote 18, 9700-135 Angra do Heroísmo